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Zenvera's Vendor House Gates
If you have won your gate (12 hours held with no topping bids), and it is currently set up, leave your check in a bag by the gate.
If you have won your gate and you do not have a current gate at your house, please page me for set up.
Gate 1 - kdivers
Gate 2 - Nugz
Gate 3 - OxDionysus
Gate 4 - no bids
Gate 5 - Jennifer-Anne
Gate 6 - Sarah
Gate 7 - no bids
Gate 8 - no bids
I am interested, are they still 100k a month?
With Badfish away and two vendor gates still available, I'm going to leave the vendor gates as they are now. There will not be any bidding for June. If you are interested in one of the empty gates, page in for set up. The cost will be 100k as long as there is one available.
Man, sorry for the post isnt an offer, but, this is an awesome idea, congratulations for the team.

It's a pity, because the server isn't bustling.

Nothing but crap are being sold!

AWAY with all of them.

No fine furniture no nothing you buy a castle and only the priviledged few few somhow manage to put decor.

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