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Every Wednesday !
I will be holding a tourny every wednesday at 8 pm central time everyone will be required to meet inside Brit bank ! This tourny will alternate between 2v2s 1v1s and FFAs, depending on what the population wants. Field style event!


No Bola Tamers!

No Wands!(Willing to change this rule if so decided by the population)

Everything else goes!

Reward: 200k gold
Once in awhile Kdivers will handout a piece of blessed clothing!
I will provide stock if necessary. Regs Potions one full set of gm leather armor. Any other questions? Add me on skype Avery-Miller1, comment here or Find me in game or any member of Sad- will be able to get you in contact with me!

Sallos download link! :
I just checked and you can have both sallos for Zenvera and UOF if you were worried about that!
ill hopefully be on Smile
I plan to be there. Looking forward to it. Was fun the last time Big Grin
Looking forward to next wednesday!
[Image: 2n9kqrq.jpg]
Is there a pvp tourny today?
If he doesn't show up lets hold our own!
[Image: 2n9kqrq.jpg]

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